About Us

Entroware specialises in providing Ubuntu Linux based computing solutions and services for our clients' requirements. We have been manufacturing Ubuntu powered Desktops, Laptops, and Servers since early 2014, using only high quality components, both hardware and software. Our focus on quality assurance and attention to detail means that our machines are built to work perfectly with our selected Linux distributions and applications. With our sights set on innovation and brand new technologies, we are constantly evolving to provide the best possible experience for open source conscious individuals and businesses. We intend to play an active role in the Linux community and to build the devices you want.

What we can do for you:

We can provide effective customised computing solutions to meet any of your requirements. 
We can provide a range of different operating systems that best suit your needs.
We can provide machines with preinstalled, customer selected software.
We can provide you with software support, should you have issues using the selected distribution.
We can provide tailored machines to help you and your business migrate to open source platforms.
We can provide you with peace of mind with fast and effective support.

Where to start:

You can browse our store to configure one of our best selling products and whether that be a Desktop, Laptop, or Server, all can be customised from the store page or by contacting us prior to purchasing.

You can contact us using our Contact Form or by emailing us at , if a more bespoke solution is required.  Whether you are an individual who needs help choosing a component or a business in need of a larger, more tailored product, our sales and technical staff will be happy to talk to you.

No challenge is too big.